Our story

LendingFront was built by bankers for bankers by one of the most accomplished small business technology teams in the market


Jorge Sun

CEO and Co-Founder

Founding team member and Chief Credit Officer for OnDeck. Most recently, Head of Small Business Credit at Capital One Bank.

Dario Vergara

CTO and Co-Founder

Formerly SVP of technology for OnDeck. Most recently, VP of Technology for Bonobos, the largest apparel brand ever built on the web in the US.

Noah Smith

Director of Business Development

Co-Founder and CEO of Open Capital Exchange, also part of the early team at business intelligence firm ChinaLaw (now part of Thomson Reuters).


Scott Jenkins

Seasoned financial services sales executive. Mentor at two leading startup accelerators.

Peter Schnall

Chief Risk Officer at Capital One 2006 - 2013

Joe Garea

Managing Director of Detalus, a financial services firm. Community banking veteran for over three decades.

Ofer Bar-Zakai

Vice President of Information Technology at OnDeck Capital 2013 - 2015