Small business lending made simple

We help lenders deliver more credit to customers with less overhead and risk

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Next-generation small business lending

The LendingFront platform gives banks and other small business lenders access to the most sophisticated technology in the market for underwriting, originating and servicing small business credit.

The LendingFront Platform

Our white-label solution offers a set of integrated or standalone modules covering all aspects of small business finance, including application intake and workflow, underwriting, origination, servicing and monitoring.

Application processing

LendingFront offers a variety of ways to receive applications, including a white-label Customer Portal that can be integrated into your website. Our lending platform then supports every step of the underwriting and origination process.

Underwriting & product management

With LendingFront you have the power to create and manage your own products, apply your own automation rules, and control pricing and credit policy.

Data management

The LendingFront Platform can automatically gather credit data from a wide range of sources including bureaus; anti-fraud, AML and collateral information providers; and social media and review sites. Data is then processed and presented using our templates and scorecards or as configured by each client.

Servicing & collections

The LendingFront Platform supports all aspects of loan servicing and portfolio management, from funding loans, to collecting payments, to handling special situations, to overseeing and reporting on your entire loan portfolio.


Our platform also offers the ability to monitor the financial and credit health of each borrower, providing you with advance notice at early signs of trouble or suggesting which borrower may be eligible for renewals or additional products.